Tuesday, February 05, 2008


This is not a little bit country...

Here's a fun Meme from KJ to come up with your very own band.
Through a random search, you come up with your bands name, the title of your album and the album cover photo. You can't keep refreshing the link. Ya gotta work with what you get. :)
Let's make a band:
1. Click here. The first article title is the name of your band.
2. Click here. The last four words of the very last quote is the title of your album.
3. Click here. The third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.
4. Take your photo, add the band name and title, then post it.Here's what I got out of the mix:

The album title is: Would Have Confused Einstein
Here is my album cover:

Hmmm... doesn't sound very country to me.... maybe you will have better luck.

Friday, October 26, 2007


October Only Comes Once a Year

During one of my wedding showers 10 years ago, the guests were instructed to give me a piece of marriage advice. As wedding shower games go, the task was a little trickier than to just give advice. Your piece of advice had to start with a certain letter - so that in the end, then advice spelled out my new married name.

My mother-in-law happened to pull the letter O out of the basket. The advice she gave has truly been a piece that has strengthened my marriage - although at the time I thought, "Yeah, right, like that will ever happen." Her advice was this:

"October only comes once a year - spend it together in a duck blind."

How does that strengthen my marriage? As it turns out, Jaxon enjoys me sharing in his activities and we really do get to spend some good quality time together - granted it is not at the spa getting a pedicure, but quality time - none the less. I understand his activities a bit more, he is willing to join me a few of mine, so we connect with each other.

This past weekend was my best 'wife' moment yet. Jaxon begged me to go to the pheasant opener in South Dakota. I talked him down from 4 days to 2, and agreed to go once we found childcare. I won't give you the details, but it turned out to be a really fun time - nice weather, lots of birds, warm clothes, and good company. Besides that fact that we had to do a lot of driving, stay in a tiny bathroomless cabin, and came home extremely exhausted - I would do it again in a heartbeat.

If you ever have the chance to tag along, I encourage you to do it. Keep an open mind - your good behavior may just be rewarded (at least you won't feel bad going on a little shopping spree afterwards!)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Lights, Camera, Pump it Up

Roo has been planning her birthday party since the day after her birthday last year. She discovers new ideas for the party around every corner. Or should I just say she leaves every birthday party wanting her's to be the exact same. It all started last January when she attended a party at My Gym. What a RUSH! Roo's parties have all been good ole homegrown parties at our house and this experience just blew her away. Not that I have anything against these parties - I actually love when my kids get invited because they have so much fun. It is just that we like to entertain at home. We like to plan parties, food, and games. We being Big J, Me, and the kids. It's fun for us.

Many of Roo's friends have fall birthdays, so we talk about birthdays A LOT! We left a 'Pirate ' Party and she wanted a 'Pirate' Party. We attended a Princess Party and now she wants a Princess Party. At least we know she is having fun at the parties. Since her birthday is coming upon us soon, Roo is really starting to narrow down her plans. I have been really trying to steer her away from Pump It Up, My Gym, or Gymnastics. I don't need to have someone else do all the work, because I really like to do it - seriously. Okay - I might buy the cake, but the rest of the planning I can do AND LIKE TO!

For some reason, today Roo thought about it a lot and on a car ride this afternoon, she revealed the big plans. I will try to repeat word for word what she said, but there were a lot of details and I can't remember everything. I will not include my comments since I pretty much just nodded my head, and said things like, "Interesting," "Okay," and "Wow!" for about 15 minutes.

"Okay Mom, for my birthday, I think I would like to do a show. Everyone will play a part and you will make a movie of it. The show is going to be like Free Willy. I am going to be Jessie - except that I will need short hair, because he is a boy. Maybe I will have to put my hair in a ponytail and wear a wig. Aidyn will be Willy (the Orca Whale) because she has the biggest teeth. She is going to have to get a big black costume for that. Lydia will be the trainer since she has the shortest hair. She needs a boyfriend. Julia can be the boyfriend. But he isn't in the movie much so she will need to sit on the side until I tell her to come. We need a pool mom. Maybe we can go over to Evan's pool (our neighbors) and do the movie in the pool. Oh wait. It might be snowing. Well, Aidyn will just have to slither around in the snow. I will fall into the snow - I mean water and Aidyn will have to push me up to the surface. Someone will have to be the man who works at the pool who sees this happen. Maybe Julia can come out for that.

"After the movie, we will go sledding, eat cake, and open presents. And you should get a pinata too. When you go buy stuff for the party, make sure I close my eyes so I don't see what you get. But make sure you get those blowing things too."

Tonight I pray she wants to go to Pump It Up.

Monday, July 09, 2007


Magic Glue

We just got back from an awesome family vacation. The week was spent in northern Minnesota - with a mini vacation within the week to visit our friends and my aunt's cabin. The week activities included tubing, waterskiing, boating, swimming, camping, rock collecting, a Kiddie parade on bikes, a 4th of July parade, a surprise wedding reception, fishing, golfing, lots of food, visits with family, and of course it wouldn't be complete without a trip to the emergency room.

Roo fell while walking up the stairs and cut her skin open just to the right of her eye. We headed to the small town hospital where the nurse greeted us. She told us that the doctor would be there soon after she put her kids to bed! Luckily, stitches weren't needed as the new "Magic Glue" would help keep her skin together while it healed. Unfortunately, the doctor's orders were that Roo not swim for the next 2 days- the two hottest days of the week!! The cut did not affect her 'cuteness' as the flower girl at the reception on Saturday.

Friday, June 29, 2007



Seriously, it only took 2 minutes. He was upstairs by himself for about 2 minutes.
I should have seen this coming. Mason has been interested in my lipstick for a few months. He likes to twist them up and then put the top back on. I have had to replace them 4 times.
That little stinker.


Thursday, June 07, 2007


T-Ball Girls

It was a seriously exciting t-ball game last night. Daisy and Julia had some BEAUTIFUL rainbows and flowers drawn in the gravel. Of course each picture was autographed by their names.

The highlight of the BIG game was, of course, the snacks! What a cute team! Those kids had worked up quite an appetite out there. The past hour had been full of workouts in batting, running, throwing, catching, and gravel drawing.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007



KJ tagged me a while back for this WEIRD thing. It has been tough. Not because I am not weird, but because I don't want to reveal too much!

1) I stock up on toilet paper. Every toilet has at least 20 rolls under the sink. We have 5 toilets so that means we have at least 100 rolls of toilet paper in our house all the time. Apparently I am afraid that the toilet paper manufacturers may decide to stop making toilet paper. Now you know where to come if it ever happens.

2) I cut out coupons. I know this isn't weird, but I cut them out KNOWING FULL WELL THAT I DON'T HAVE THE TIME TO USE THEM! I religiously cut them out on Sundays, organize them into my coupon books, and put them back in the cabinet until the next Sunday when I will cut out some more. I am unable to organize a trip to the grocery store with 2 young kids and look through my coupons at the same time. I even go through my coupon book and take out all the expired ones on a monthly basis (which ends up being the fate of every coupon I put in there!)

3) I make words out of license plates. While driving, I look at the license plates in front of me and make words out of the letters. TPF = ToP Flight, Telephone Pole Flag, Touchdown Punt Football... I go on and on until I come up with the best combination that will help me remember the license plate - in case that car is involved in a hit and run and I am a witness.

4) My favorite sandwich growing up was a peanut butter and bologna sandwich heated up in the microwave. I haven't had this in quite awhile - quite frankly beacuse the thought of it grosses me out now.

5) I do not 'knock on wood'. If someone says, " My kids haven't gotten sick - knock on wood." I spread my fingers out and keep them in the air. For some reason I don't believe in that - actually I believe that if I DO knock on wood, my kids will get sick!

Well, that's five. So do you think I am weird?


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